I have a sense of the unconditioned inner life — the life having nothing to do with what socialization has taught us about ourselves. As an artist I write about and show the Reality I have inside me. It’s not just my Reality, it is the one shared by all of us. Through me, it comes out as the kind of art I create. Someone else will show a different view of things. The inner world is a FEELING place and art is more about the feelings it conveys than the forms being expressed. We are unlimited beings, each of us unique in the forms we express. Each of us creative because we express the infinite invisible Life. Why not think of ourselves in joyful, sacred terms?

At some point in my day, I write in my laptop or a notebook and visit my sacred inner world. I perceive that world as a Garden. It is a place where I am not alone (anymore than gardens are empty places in our human world). I ponder there, among the gentle creatures who share the space with me, the puzzlement of being human. I find lots of things puzzling.

The answers I receive from my deepest Self are reassuring and I feel whole. DO YOU REMEMBER? and CHILDREN’S PROMISE became books before I wrote LET ME REASSURE YOU. They both express the qualities of the magical world I perceive from within my Soul. But it is by including my human story in LET ME REASSURE YOU, that this otherworldly Magic will be understood to be a reality to trust and rejoice in.

These books are not “children’s books” though they tell stories and give assurances in a kind, childlike voice. To discover the treasures in these books, it helps to have a heart wide open and thirsting for the simplicity not often heard in the world of today. Simplicity, in my understanding of life, comes from Spirit. Spirit is unconditional Life. We are all upheld in a harmony that our human mind cannot clearly perceive because it sees separation. My books, I have learned, bring a positive change in perspective. Walking through a quiet rose garden can bring a peaceful new perspective, too. It is the Quiet that heals.


All my books can be ordered from Amazon, but if you would like SIGNED or PERSONALLY INSCRIBED copies at no extra cost, please order from my publisher,  NYVISIBLES.COM


Arlene Graston - every moon coverIN EVERY MOON THERE IS A FACE, is a children’s book for everybody. A book for the ageless heart — a Heart that knows its innocence and delights in its wholesome imagination.
Arlene Graston One day, I asked Charlie: “Write me a poem that doesn’t tell a story of its own.” Twenty minutes later he had finished this delightful string of words and two years later, I had finished the illustrations. What was interesting, was that in doing the artwork inspired by the words, I found a story unfold–the story of my Soul living in a worldly dream and wanting to remember what was true. Creating this book brought me to the deep place where Magic comes from … within me. My Soul loves to bring my human self uplifting Magic.
Arlene GrastonThis book is a safe journey for the mind to take. A little girl once told me she was not afraid to fall asleep after going to bed with this book. A little boy told us this book made him feel the world was not a bad, scary place. To not consider the noise of the world all the time is a very good thing to do … at any age.

IN EVERY MOON THERE IS A FACE, is not telling a story in the usual way, it engages the reader’s imagination to soar to a peaceful place. We need peace for our own sanity, and for expressing as the world we each create. It is available in its second edition, on Amazon. At an additional cost the FIRST EDITION and a PERSONALIZED INSCRIPTION by both of us are available from my publisher, NYVISIBLES.COM
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