The World of the Optimistic Heart

Divine Promises blossomed in my garden on the day of my greatest optimism. Now a brightness shines in the crevices of the petals and leaves and the whole World glows from within itself.

I had strained to hear the Nothing in the silence of the falling snow. I had pleaded for the warmth of Feeling from the desert wind at noon. Only when I let go and simply trusted, did I see within the Within as I sat by the pool that held the reflection of all who walk by, revealing hidden treasures no one knew they possessed.

Imagine that! A pool of water so wise, so deep-seeing, showing what is hidden from human view. It takes a very simple faith to imagine this kind of thing. I am humbled with gratitude that I find myself near this profound pool of water and that I have such a faith. To think of what really lives in my very own garden, the place I walk through each day; the place where a sweet earth makes me and my flowers grow so strong and tall.

I am not alone on this Picture-show Planet created out of eternal inner truths. It is a grand scheme that erupts each morning as I open my eyes from my little bed. Somehow, seemingly out there, a symphony shakes itself awake and begins to sing to me. And then, and then, with a pronouncement I can barely allow myself to believe, it tells me that the Music I hear … is my own.

Truly, I must be a very wonderful thing.

Let Go, Whispered The Sparrow

A sparrow comes to sit on my shoulder. I am the branch it clings to. My deepest heart is what it wants to be near. But, alas, my heart hangs from a thread beneath my breast; I cannot even hear it beat.

I am lost, said the sparrow, I cannot find my heart. It, too, has but a thread holding its heart to its breast.

Two stubborn threads are all that connect us to our hearts. I am so near to the sparrow sitting on my shoulder that I hear his unsaid wishes. He leans so close that my thread and his become entwined, twist, and soon break free. Oh!

My heart is no longer hanging from a thread beneath my breast. My heart has been set free. My heart is not captured by weariness and wear, my heart is flying through the air.

There, is my heart, floating on the movement its beating alone makes. There, is my heart, sloping through the strands of time to remain disentangled and freed from disenchantment. I am full now, knowing freedom, holding firmly only to my Self and finding strength in movements unrestricted, unimpaired. Free as a bird is my heart as I soar in the big, bright Wholeness that now is my sky.

The Silent Tread

Beyond the clatter of my human steps I can hear the silent tread. It is silent because it is made of All and Everything. I can hear it because it is mine.

There is kindness in the room where I sit. And I sit like this to write about this kindness that is from my Light. I am the recipient of the immensity that becomes the ever new in me. It holds unwoven all that I have still to show, so I trust what is not here yet.

It is plainly understood by me that the one Breath contains my worlds. I am the Moon’s Beloved in the inner landscape I gaze upon when I close my eyes. This inner world of Beauty is mine alone and yet not for me alone for this gaze inward enhances my outer world’s possibilities: There are diamonds growing in my turnip patch. When I take the quiet path within myself, I see them both.

What I think are thoughts are in truth gentle energies; I have power. I take this power now and make the keys on this keyboard speak of the kindness my heart knows. I don’t doubt you want to see the diamonds nestling in among your turnips, too.

A Brand New Day

Good morning, my Today! Yesterday has walked away and left no trace of itself―free am I to call my world new.

In this present moment, my wellspring of life-giving water will not run dry for it draws from an Infinite depth. A glorious sun shines for me in a Limitless sky. My plain woven basket overflows with Fulfillment and my human heart pulses with Wonder.

A dreaming world is made fresh and innocent.

There is a life within me that becomes evident to me when I write like this. My outer mind disappears, my inner room becomes a rosy haze of reassuring warmth as the invisible truth makes its appearance to show me what cannot be known by judgment. I am fresh, entirely clear of past, uncompromised by future. I can move out into my world because something from me is creating for me.

I have become able to listen and hear my inner voice, not someone else’s voice. In this manner is my human world blessed and supported. I am not made from what the world believes and thinks. There is a greater life from whence I come and I give quiet attention to its new Moment that was never lived before.

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