It’s been a while now since I put this bit of my story into my website. I felt safe doing so, for surely, few would read it. But I’ve thought a great deal about the importance of being truthful with myself about my personal experience. Keeping quiet about it stifled my self-expression. Wonderfully, having finally opened up about a subject I believed I was not to ever talk about, a positive energy was set in motion:

arlene-graston---journey-6bOne day, I began to find direct mention of my “lost self” in my daily writing. My writing is my connection to my inner Being. What I hear from this silent One within me is so encouraging, makes me feel so supported, that I assemble the pieces in a binder that I can readily go to at any time. Reading from the binder ALWAYS uplifts me. When I added some of my line drawings … I found I had a book. The binder has become the book I can share with others and elaborate on my “unusual” experience.

LET  ME REASSURE YOU: Remembering Reality, is now available on Amazon, in Paperback and Kindle form. I am so happy to be sharing its story and most reassuring words. I feel connected to a larger world of Fellow Travelers.

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