It was unspeakably scary for me to begin to share my experience by creating a page for it on my website. It was only when I did that I realized what my personal experience meant to me. It was mine and I had been giving other people power over my life by being silent. You cannot soar when you censor yourself. It had been soul-numbing to be in a world of other people who never questioned their origins beyond this world and to have to act like them.

Having spilled some beans I have come out of my shell (no pun intended). I have more of myself and I have strengthened my creative voice. I am pleased that LET ME REASSURE YOU: Remembering Reality, where I share more fully my story, has been such a comfort to people. (Available on Amazon, in Paperback and Kindle form.)

And I better comprehend the challenges of this world: I’ve learned how hard it is for the human mind to understand (and rely on) the subtle. it’s too busy creating sand castles. Which is okay to do, of course–one has to be asking for the deeper understanding to find it. For those who are, there are treasures waiting. The source of Life is silent, but it gives us all something to sing about. It is where we come from, and what we have to give. And it’s ways are so simple. I don’t know why we make life so difficult, maybe we’re bored with simplicity for not being able to hear its expansive meaning …because … we’re intellectually pot-bound!

Wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

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