When I was seven, I concluded that I was no longer permitted to rely on inside means to create what I needed, I was now supposed to use the lengthy, time-focused, materialistic methods.  I wanted to do the right thing, you see, to play the game I found here, and play it fair and square.  After all, the doors to truth-telling where consistently shut in my face.  This world was a board game about limitation.  The game, I assumed, was to see how well one managed with hands tied behind one’s back.  This decision altered my joyful nature forever, but I sincerely believed it was what was required.  Besides, my real sense of self and my felt-knowledge of the Infinite were fading,  sarlene-graston---journey-5o, “when in Rome…”  My whole life as a child was a learned disavowal of Reality.

What was so limited and limiting about this world? Well, besides finding myself reduced to being a body and interacting with an externalized world, I first experienced limitation within that extremely odd thing called “the family” (but that’s a too big kettle of fish to go into here).  It was later found in that equally strange thing called school.

Seated and shut up in a room, a person is expected to remain quietly listening, believing and taking in the oddest (and I mean the oddest) concepts.  What really is real (the moment at hand; all those glorious living beings and their rich inner life seated attentively in their chairs) is being ignored.  A strange series of notions is emanating from someone’s mouth.  More notions are being deciphered from the pages of a book.  All these are to be accepted as the incontrovertible truth about life and how it works: the-Weights-and-Measurements-of-this-World; The-True-Story-About-Life-Before-and-After-and-Now-and-Always and-How-All-This-Impacts-the-Future-of-Mankind-Science-History-Medicine, and all the other made-up subjects.  (Did you know it is taught that a flower is a botanical, and you and I are nervous systems?  Imagine!)