I was unspeakably afraid to begin to share my experience by creating a page for it on my website. My childhood fear of being unable to connect to people lost in illusion has never really left me. It was only when I did start to express myself did I realize what my personal experience meant to me. It was my truth and I had been giving other people power over my life by being silent. You cannot soar when you censor yourself. It had been soul-numbing to be in a world of other people who never question their origins beyond this world and to have to tread carefully among them. I am not the only one with a sensitivity that needs to be understood and protected. Sensitive people often fall into bad experiences and addictions by trying to live too much like the world. Thankfully, I was always able to stand apart and alone from the world and this enabled me to stay silent. But there is no real aloneness, I don’t live in the world, I live in a universal mind. I draw my life from within my consciousness.

Having spilled some beans I have come out of my shell (no pun intended). I have more of myself and I have strengthened my creative voice. I am pleased that LET ME REASSURE YOU: Remembering Reality, where I share my story for the first time, has been such a comfort to people. I address it again in LOOKING WITHIN.

I comprehend the challenges of this world: I’ve learned how hard it is for the human mind to understand the subtle. A conditioned mind is a carefully recorded tape busy rehashing imprinted beliefs. The subtle mind rehashes nothing, it is the moment fresh and new. The essence of Life is silent, but it is full with unlimited potential. Our nature creatively expresses it and what it is. And what it is is good. It is where we come from in each present moment. It is what we have to give. It’s ways are so simple and it drives me crazy that we make life so difficult. We don’t trust simplicity because we do not trust ourselves or know that we are deserving of all that Life has to express through us. When you’re intellectually pot-bound … you go around in circles only acquiring bulk.