Keep Whispering

You are not alone, although the friendly creatures that live in your Quiet Room do not speak in words.  You know there are many forms of language to convey the one meaning.  Goodness is brought to all parts of itself by sheer wanting and not through heavy-handed conversation.  You are tired of conversation, aren’t you?  I know you are.  You are tired of the noise that thoughts make and the energy they rob you of by going round and round like a wheel that has forgotten why it turns and cannot stop.

You needn’t worry so about this. Nothing is of consequence to the peaceful mind that trusts in the nature of the Unchanging.  Be true to yourself and keep whispering the truth.  Make it your companion through time and it will carry you to the plains of serenity that keep the sky open and its freedom within reach.

The Human story is only about a dream.  Keep your mind in Heaven.

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