I Wonder

After the rain swept through the hours of my sleep, soft soothing mists lifted the heaviness from my thinking.  I am now one with the warmth of the Sun and begin to comb my tangled hair as the birds locked in its waves unfurl their frozen wings and fly to the golden expanse above us all.Arlene Graston

I stand quietly in my garden while a friendly wind comes friskily by, smiling and whistling a tune I have heard, but so long ago it feels as if it comes from another world, another time.  I know that I have come from another world, another time myself.  I know I have not always been like this, sitting upright in a chair putting fingertips to keys, watching what comes out of me.  What comes out surprises me … someone within me, it seems, wants to come out to play and tell of wonderful wonderful wonderful things.  Somewhere in me, I know of a forgotten Goodness.

I wonder who that someone can be!

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