Closer Than Close

Arlene GrastonBeloved—

You think you are alone in an outer world disconnected from you.  An outer world making demands and asking you to give it obedience and attention.  An outer world taking you away from Me, from Us.

This is simply not so.  You are the Beloved of a Life that has no end, that cannot allow for any activity that is not of the reality of being.  Beloved, you are here with Me now.

It is a quiet inner world that is offered to you, a simple world that you can perceive for you are of it. You understand its silent language that tells you wondrous things that cannot be reduced to words and concepts that bear no resemblance to your truth of being.

Beloved, allow yourself to feel loved and guided from within — turn to Me and rely on the urges and reassurances you find there.  They wait for you in confidence that you can hear them.

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