Our Journey

There are ripples in the night sky that look like indigo silk being pulled over the stars.  This is my thinking as it floats through Timelessness to create a new world.

There is music in the wind that comes from the hum in my heart that keeps reminding me that I am happy.  I take comfort in the stillness that dwells in my merry inner self.  I am embraced in a firefly’s wing.  I am small and eternal and vast and only this moment.  I am the center and the periphery and the light cast from the moon.  I am the sun’s shadow and the wall filled with climbing morning glory.  I am the promise made to me by the Love that animates only everything.

I am strong in my gentleness and wise in my joy.  I am a fool for tender things.  I am more than you know and more than I remember.  I am so much and it is all so simple.  I am the simplicity of placing one tiny foot in front of the other, following the brightly-lit stones that show me the path to take in the twinkling of EarthStars in an inverted sky.

I am the traveller who never leaves Home.  I see you are making the same journey.

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