You Are Not The World That Whirls About You


You come to Me in halting steps.  You think of Me as you do another being in your world, arms crossed and at odds with you.  You are prepared to receive a blow to your heart.  But it is otherwise with Me.  I am the Gentle One.  I am the One you know best of all but are not sure about anymore. 

I am your True Nature.  In spite of all the things you feel about yourself and the world that whirls about you, at the deepest center of your being is peace.  It is a peace not known in the world that whirls about you.  In fact, the world that whirls about you is in your mind, is but an illusion about yourself. 

You want to come to Me and wrap yourself in love and absolute acceptance.  You can do this if you look within. Trust in your ability to imagine. Trust the subtle thoughts of your mind.  Trust what takes place in yourself and need no consensus. Trust. Trust. Trust Me.  Trust yourself as Me.  We are one and we can be in peaceful harmony even while there whirls a world of fantasy and seeming turmoil about you.

You wonder how to come to Me and bask in the radiant warmth of My Life as all about you others cry out in pain.  It is to their pain that the love you share with Me brings answers, but not as you know answers in the world that whirls about you.  Answers from Me abound in you.  You are afraid of this dialogue.  Come to it nevertheless…it will expand in your heart until the time when all resistance is gone from you.  You will hear this quiet knowing, you will know this quiet voice, you will remember who you are and all harm you have feared will be declared null and void, for it never happened.  Never.

I am you in the best of yourself.  You are Me and all that I am.  Be assured, Beloved, there is nothing separating us. Trust the quiet Quiet that your mind can imagine.  Trust your imagination.  It will make Me real to you.

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