You come, and I reach out to you.  We embrace, and all is made right.  You have suffered so from thinking what is not true.  You think and think and think and wonder how to regain the understanding you believe has left you … but nothing has left you.  You have inserted into your awareness the belief that there is a need to regain Me.
This attempt to achieve an end, is the thing standing in your way.  You need do nothing, dear One.  Nothing.  You are here with Me.  As I am, are you.  Let go the outer.  Care not for the outcome.  Dare to trust.  Dare to not even concern yourself with how this lack of trust came to be.

In order for the inner to appear to your awareness, release your focus on the outer.  You cannot look at two worlds and see only one.  Honor Me.  I will honor you.

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