The Presence In The Empty Room

When I was Home in Heaven (no, not that heaven, the Real one), I loved my Empty room. It was a pocket of calm and creativity in All That Is, for Emptiness is not a vacuum, there being all sorts of Goodness lurking within the Within of Everything, and always found to overflowing in the Empty rooms that inhabit Forever.

I am not at present living in an Empty room, and this is a problem. I find myself in lots of confining clutter as I spend Time with the self that does not clearly see her Home in Heaven. In Empty rooms there is so very much space. So much room to imagine. Imagine what can be imagined in an Empty room, this quiet place for holding forth the celebration of Life. Imagine what can be created!  I just loved that Empty room of mine and I loved what it did to my thought. In it I heard my Heart and my Heart showed me ALL the delights in being alive. Oh, it was so nice.

Since I’ve been away from there, I’ve been trying to bring the Memory of all that to my clutter, and even some of that wondrous Emptiness to my Heart. But it’s tricky, because I am so easily distracted by appearances since I’ve been fooled into thinking I am not at Home in Heaven. Still, I am persisting. I know you are too.

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