Gentle Discipline

Deep in the Invisible, is a single pure Flame that burns brightly in a timeless Hearth. The Room It warms is filled with friends and patience and the many colors of kindness. When I quietly think of that Warmth and imagine standing in that Room, I am assured of all I already possess. In me is the ever present Life-givingness.  It is what I am and what I need not seek.

In this dream world where my lesser nature rails and sobs, there is a higher ground of Being waiting for my awareness. Yes, only, awareness. Then, I see a Presence illuminating my understanding in ways so unthinkable to my human mind.

Ironically, unhappiness is often what I use to remind myself to look for this inner wisdom.  Of course, simply stopping to consider who and what I am in each quiet moment, would be an easier way to find it.  Unhappiness is such a silly old habit … and most unreliable.

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