Why The Infinite Becomes A Quilt

Recently we were graciously asked for permission to use Charlie’s poem from our book, IN EVERY MOON THERE IS A FACE, on a quilt. Needless, to say, we thought this was a delightful idea! I was reminded of a piece I’d once written about my love of Quilts. I’m posting it here, for in rereading it, I agree with it still. Quilts are Spiritual things, and Quilters, Angels among us.

Quilts come from Heaven to bring peace and comfort to us on Earth. This, I believe.

Honestly, what human-made artifact has more love and practicality poured into its minutest bit of self? What has ever been created more humbly, more modestly, more patiently, more generously, more simply … only to end up more beautifully? These qualities, Virtues all, speak only to the Sublime. And in my world, the Sublime is a quiet thing, a simple thing, a functional thing that honors the body and soul of my human life.

I really love Quilts. I can sit and gaze at one, or two, or three … for hours. I go to shows and let my breath be taken away. My Quilt books are dog-eared. I admire anyone who makes them. I bless all the unknown women (and some men) who have made them and never told us who they were. I, myself, have never sewn a quilt and probably never will. And yet, and yet … in the mysterious ways of these things, it was brought to my awareness that, in a way, I do make Quilts. You see, that’s the wonder of Quilts and Quilt makers — like Prayer, they have the gentle ability to help us discover more than what we thought could be there. I don’t use a needle and thread in my “quilts,” I use paint and a very tiny brush. And I use my heart, a lot of heart — that’s an essential ingredient for any Quilt!

The Universe is ALIVE to me. Each single bit of it. Each seemingly empty space vibrates before my eyes and touches my mind with possibilities. When I paint I show this aliveness. My skies are not flat, my flowers are not just made from petals, they have stars in them. I fill up sheets of paper with lots of little squares, each denoting its measure of the Presence of Life in that particular place I put it. My art needs lots and lots of little squares. And isn’t that just what a Quilt does, too, with its INCALCULABLE tiny stitches, its myriad bits of fabric, all coming together to show a wondrous whole? A joyful coming together, revealing the oneness of all things.

Oh yes, Quilts are truly wonderful, for their existence confirms our Spiritual Nature. They confirm this in the most important way: by keeping us warm and feeling safe, uplifting us with beauty and, through the living heritage of generations, connecting us to one another in the present and for all time. We need them now just as much as in days gone by. And, thankfully, more and more are being made. Constant reminders that people are — good.

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