Living In A Made-up World

You think you live in a world that holds you bound to externals. You see a reality where you have been assigned a role with long strings of obligations attached. You are asked to carry little bits of paper to prove that all those facts are you. No wonder you tire of such a made-up world.

What are the real “facts” about you, dear one? Do you remember them?

You are the possessor of an eternal Soul made of life-affirming imaginings that fall like Stardust on your shoulders to nurture the Wings of inspiration that keep revealing the inner Life.

With your littlest Brush you paint the pictures that make your human mind sing with relief at the truth and goodness found within them.

You turn into Words the unseen Spirit of a Universe, so benevolent, so ever-present, that It can be known by even a doubting mind.

You are the incarnation of Love – a constant giving forth of limitless good, from a Heart that knew no beginning and will know no end.

These Gifts of Innerness are lovingly placed by you into the dream world to be given to the self of you who sleeps to the infinite reality, that she be told of what is within a human being.

These Gifts will bring hope to the world of mournful unaware hearts – this being a single reality. For you are all Love shining throughout infinity. Even in a dream.

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