Symbolically Speaking

I live in a world made of symbols. Symbols that I see, hear, taste and touch … and am seduced to believe. Yet there is a place in this world where undisguised Truth is quietly standing, waiting to be found by being understood for what it is. This quietly standing one, is All.

For me, who perceives only symbols now, there exists a word which, being only a word, “symbolically” directs me to this quiet Truth. It is a word I know well and use often. If I make this word an actuality, I am brought to the ineffable, to the unseen realm of goodness and happiness. When I’m there, deep knowing no longer withstands mere beliefs.

Beliefs possess no Light and Love. Beliefs are symbols―symbols keeping life remote and indifferent; cold, even―at least to my mind. An accumulation of mere beliefs has formed a world hard and intransigent around me. Beliefs are from intellectual separation―concepts held as reality, binding me to the fleeting and unreachable. A mind separated from Self must rely on symbols, they are its currency and reduce experience to the “good” or “bad.” But as I search through my collection of beliefs and utterances, I find a little word signifying something so unlike my outer world that I have walked past it and not seen it is a guidepost.

When I am where this little word takes me, I am fulfilled of Being and complete in Self. I am more than free―I am Freedom. Heeding no external certainty, needing no acceptance from without, Life’s River flows from me and appears to come to me with the bounty of all my deepest wishes come true―of course, I wish only for the meaningful. Then as if by magic, the symbols my human mind still encounters have no power to constrain my giving of my Self. I clearly hear and make heard the song I am, when I come from the … Silence.

Now isn’t that an important little word to have in one’s possession?

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