The World of the Optimistic Heart

Divine Promises blossomed in my garden on the day of my greatest optimism. Now a brightness shines in the crevices of the petals and leaves and the whole World glows from within itself.

I had strained to hear the Nothing in the silence of the falling snow. I had pleaded for the warmth of Feeling from the desert wind at noon. Only when I let go and simply trusted, did I see within the Within as I sat by the pool that held the reflection of all who walk by, revealing hidden treasures no one knew they possessed.

Imagine that! A pool of water so wise, so deep-seeing, showing what is hidden from human view. It takes a very simple faith to imagine this kind of thing. I am humbled with gratitude that I find myself near this profound pool of water and that I have such a faith. To think of what really lives in my very own garden, the place I walk through each day; the place where a sweet earth makes me and my flowers grow so strong and tall.

I am not alone on this Picture-show Planet created out of eternal inner truths. It is a grand scheme that erupts each morning as I open my eyes from my little bed. Somehow, seemingly out there, a symphony shakes itself awake and begins to sing to me. And then, and then, with a pronouncement I can barely allow myself to believe, it tells me that the Music I hear … is my own.

Truly, I must be a very wonderful thing.

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