Carding the Strands of Meaning

Before I came to Time I spoke a gentle self-accepting language. As a human I still know this language, it lifts me out of conformity thanks to life’s most significant gift to me: I’ve been created unique. My uniqueness is the presence of my eternal self in this world. Enrobed as a human it walks the Earth sowing its bountiful nature for my delight and the delight of the Infinite one I manifest. I card my human life from the lyrical strands of reality’s silence.

This is different than anything thought here. Unhappiness comes from believing I am only the struggling human disconnected from all lasting meaning. By contemplating the mystery in my nature I encounter the Self that lives from Grace. I came into this world with the assurance that nothing other than happiness creates my well-being … but then I learned human thought and found sadness. 

This sadness is based on illusion. The trees outside my window may be really made of vibrating energy but they are not an illusion, believing I am incomplete and unworthy is the illusion. The solution is to make my mind quiet and listen to what is really going on beyond the world of acquired words. I exist to be life’s poet by simply expressing my true and humble self. The most wonderful things come from quiet plainness. Having been human a while I have to learn to be this plainness again. It is to the part of me I call a Soul that I turn to to live in the real of me. Bringing this depth to the human life I am living makes it a magical experience. I have confirmed this for myself. 

Everyone’s reason for being is to be Life’s Poet. It is the sole expression possible in a benevolent and whole Universe.

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