Welcome Yourself

Let the words come. They hold treasures. They are the little indicators of the Quiet one you are. You think you keep repeating yourself, but what you are doing is saying what matters to you that you have forgotten. You come to your writing with unkindness for your self. You write from a judgment that makes it hard for the words to appear, they feel unwelcome. You see yourself through critical eyes. You are comparing with the world and you cannot come out as being in anyway as you think you should be.

But you need not be so critical. In fact, you need not be critical of yourself in the least. There is nothing to criticize. You were not created to be going through an existence of criticism. Too soon you forgot to wonder where had the gentle life gone. When you found yourself in the world and heard what it was doing you allowed it into yourself and it worked its way in you to seem to become you. Unkindness is what you heard, now let it go away to be a thing that never happened. Let go of this tendency in you toward your self. Write with a sense of welcoming what comes from you. Write with a sense of welcoming life and each day that newly begins. Be welcoming of your mind and its ability to tell you wonders. Be welcoming of the smallest activity of human life that you have come to enjoy. Be welcoming of the fun you have with others. Be welcoming of the insight that comes so readily when you let it.

Life eagerly waits to bring you its treasures. It eagerly waits to show you the fresh. It eagerly wishes to bestow upon you all the good that resides in it. And all you need do … is allow. Welcome it by trusting in its silent and invisible presence hiding in your thinking as a living thought; in your feelings as conviction; in your human life as hope.

Allow this inner splendor to enable your movement through the world. You need not work hard to make life work, do not interfere with its working. Imagine its presence in the quietest possible way. No other thing need be done by you, even now, when so much has appeared to go wrong. But nothing has gone wrong. Nothing has become lost to you. The wonders of Life are the gift you welcome from yourself.

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