Life’s Child, Am I

It is to grow myself that I became a human. The Earth welcomes my Soul and watches with interest as I look for strands of freedom within impediments.

This Earth expects my heart-based nature to join with the many Kingdoms within its sphere—we all share the Grace of Being. But it is only among the humans that the cloud of unknowing is hiding the origin of self. What humans don’t know about reality came as a surprise to me when I entered this world. Free will has not served this group well.

I yield to the higher part of me. I unlock myself from false belief. Divine indifference to a world in denial shows me what is true. It shows me the Infinite Light where lives my inner being. My inner being is the one I rely on in this world. My self is my connection to Everything.

I am imagination.

I am the Artist who brushes the sky in colors born with the moment. I am loved and loving. Adored and adoring. I am Happiness’ Child. No untrue world has harmed me. Being spirit, I am impermeable.

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