The Child I Am

I am a gifted child.

I am the current from a vast Ocean of possibilities and in me is revealed a harmony of native spirit that causes the Moon to dance in an orbit of enchantment. I am the one who spins the Spheres into perfect revolutionand the Stars contain this performance as only they know how to do.

I am a happy child.

I live in make-believe at all times.  This Earthly bit is a challenge, appearing to take itself so seriously.  It is hard to believe that there is any part of the Infinite that could ever lose its perspective and create a place like this, but there you have it: make-believe, as I said.

I am at present in a dream where the dreamers think themselves what they are not.  I know better and am glad I am supported by my inner world to remember at all times a truer clime of expression.  I cannot forget what is real, for I am what is real as I am Breathed into being.

And–look again!–I am not alone in this elegant trueness of self.

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