Be Less Obedient

Be less obedient to the world, murmured my Soul.

Hear within you all that is needed and sufficient. Receive with an expectant heart the gift of My presence and express it to yourself.  Your trust in Me, by means of your trust in yourself, will carry you to the desired lands and to the depths of understanding that you have been calling out for.  See how the words being uttered here open your feelings of gladness.  This internal dialogue between us is real and more significant than any other in your outer world.  You are the means and, I, am the Self.

You do not need the agreement of the world.  You do not need the permission of the world.  You do not need the understanding of the world.  In Me, you will not be alone and lonely as you stand apart from the activities that formulate a world that seems real and significant, but is not that to you.

I am the very flooring of your house and I am strong and everlasting.  You can stand on Me and let the magnificence that cannot be seen with eyes transport each moment beyond the obvious.  You desire this.  You deserve this.  You are worthy of this.  It is your calling to receive this from yourself and it matters not that you lost sight of it, for in having lost sight of it, you better understand its true value and you see how, by its nature, it can so quickly become invisible in this world.

You have done nothing to diminish Me in you.  Only your self-doubt has accomplished painful things that trouble you.  You are not to make the world a happy place.  It doesn’t need happiness.  The world is not a place.  The purpose of life is not outer construct.  Its only activity is expression.  Not outcome.  You know this; be at peace with your knowing and don’t attempt to form a consensus with others about this.  Say nothing.  You only move an empty wind when using language.  Do your work quietly and trust that what that has yet to come into focus on the path before you—will be made manifest out of gentle and expectant unconcern.

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