Tender Thought

Arlene Graston- tender thought

Tender Thought, where are you coming from?  You exist in the quiet corners only.

The loud outer world is fully center stage and takes up room and makes a fuss.
But you, Tender Thought, you are soft and reassuring like the breeze on a warm day.
You are tranquil like the love that fills my heart in the midst of a meadow filled with tall gently swaying grasses.

You are the One I keep looking for and you are the One I need never seek–for you are nearer than the dearest part of me.  You are the morning of every day that appears out of the mist of Foreverness into time and space.  You are hidden but not lost.  You are mine and you are me.  I am what you are for expressing though I have come to express mostly what I have been told by outer concepts.

You are so quiet, so nearly not there that I find it hard to find you, not finding myself too clearly in this world of “other people.”

But finding you is the only thing that matters. Isn’t it?

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