You Are This and So Much More

Arlene Graston - dreamBe still, I sense somewhere within me.  Be still in this moment that has no other beyond it.  Be still, and let this moment speak, for the Moment does speak.  Hear what it says in its singularity of purpose, in its reason for being:  I am rich with Whispers, it says; I am a Giving and this is the only instant for giving.  I am the gentleness that is your strength; I am the fulfilled longing for what has not gone awry.  There is a book that sits quietly on your heart and it has lovely words written upon it. These are Words that open you to joys and hopes and promises that you thought stolen by the passage of time.

Let me speak these words you long to hear, dear.  Let me tell you that you are the Sun.  You are the Night that never closes the door to the light of Forevermore.  I am so close to you–I am you.  You are this and so much more. You are more than the fingers that touch an outer world that feels so real but is only brittle driftwood waiting to become dust.  What is lasting is within you.

You are love.  Too long have you confused what love is while the word is loudly bandied about in the marketplace outside your inner self.  Love is the quietness of Good rejoicing.  It is the cup that runneth over, the wind that carries you unbidden to your greatest happiness.  It is what you are–it is the thing never looked for, never sought, and never needed.  It is the very substance of your being in its wisest and deepest terms.  It is what never goes away.  It is the isness of being, the very nature of Nature–supreme and undaunted.  It is what can never be altered or threatened or lost.  It is the peace in the quiet, the song in the bird, the depth of the measure, the fullness of a chord.

Cry not for loss, there is no loss.  See within this moment a gentle Presence, your own self, whole and wholly with you.  Sense this now.  Nowhere is there a thing of jagged edges gaudily painted up and parading about for your agreement.  Sense what is really here in this ordinary moment that seems just like the one before.  See that the new, the possible, the fresh…the innocent, has come.

Be still, but not as you have understood it when obeying others.  Be still, as you understand only yourself. See that in you is the bridge to the World you think you see no more.  You need not prepare yourself in any way to hope, to reach.  It is in this moment of stillness that What Is will gather around your awareness–not when you look for it, but when you do not.  You can do so much more when you do so much less.

You are the Song that you cannot hear with your ear.  You are the Soundless that makes a melody of your life.  And you  are the rhapsody of Aliveness meant for expressing as you play at being human.

You are sacred.

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