Your Gentle Origin

In your gentle mind there lives a field of flowers where an eternal garden grows — home of the Light that makes the tender bud become a Bloom. You are standing in the unchanging origin of your being

Do you hear the whistling in the hills? It is the sound that echoes through Time to confirm the whistler is you. Your human world is made of song and dance from the Music issuing from you; everything exists for your delight and wonderment. Where there are shoulders to cry on, yours are meant for draping an arm in friendship.
When you see the Star fill your candle, you will be knowing your Self once more.

The dearest meaning of your journey has remained with you. Celebrate this today.

The Flower in the Children

I stood behind the little flower that had forced itself through the snow. It was a small tender thing with a stem so slim it appeared to be merely a thread. I was entranced by the strength such a sweet creature could display.

When I was a young human I felt empty of sufficient personal power. The Word said to children is that what they need for living must be found coming from other people, while The Weights and Measurements must first be learned before any attempt at expression can be made. Is it any wonder that loss of self starts early?

Now, no longer a child, I have reclaimed my Flowerness (not botanically speaking, of course — for neither is a Flower only a  flower, botanically speaking). I have reclaimed, in the face of absurdity, the living stuff of Life. Fragile is my Soul, not from weakness but from a Self exquisitely refined. My petal-like Intentions display endless harmony and joy while the reed that sings my Song is long and graceful and true. I’ve become Myself in a world that does not acknowledge what is real, but it matters, only, that – I – know what I bring. There is Power in the fiber of my makeup and I need its strength and courage to remember and express the one I Really Am.

So do the Children who grow here. We must tell them, often, of the invisible Substance they already possess for their journey.

Tell Yourself

You are a full Circle, dear One. In your inner world, the world beyond the world of words, lives the gloriousness of new dawnings that erupt with each of your breaths.

Your every movement is a Morning.  A morning…only you…can bring to your world.  It is…as you…that the Infinite plays its Instrument of loving song.  It is…through you…that a Garden redolent with blossoms of such life-affirming magnificence unfolds, urged into being by a single sigh, a single intention, showing Simplicity’s wealth, free of the shadows of doubt and forgetting.

Need you tell of this to others?  No, no, only in the telling of this to yourself will the world you now journey in show it forth, for you are the Receiver and the Giver of the Light that emanates from your silent dialogue of what you are and, this, brings Life into view.  All, are the Receiver and the Giver.  None, is left out.  Be restful in this knowledge.  You have been made whole.  Nothing more need be done … but to be joyful.

Your Room

You have cried many tears in the pondering of your loss of Me.  I am ever ready to dry them and bring you back to the Nursery where the soft petals of kindness fill the room with their fragrance. It is Your room. It is where you live and breathe the awareness of being.  You remain in this gentle place and will never leave it; even while you dream of not being here.

There is only goodness that resides in you.  It is a goodness that gives life, and the desire to express it.  You are inspired from a Well of goodness that overflows with each moment of your being.  There is nothing to stop or prevent this inner activity that is the nature of yourself being expressed, because it is the nature of Reality.

I stand here where you stand.  I am that which you stand upon.  I am that which you have to give to yourself.  In the giving to yourself, you fill a world that becomes a World.

The One I Meet

You have come to the Garden where you truly live.  I wait softly with the loving creatures who know your true heart and your desire to remember who you are.  Answers grow all about us.

In quiet moments like this one, where you and I meet in the midst of the images that float about you, is found the very Substance you seek.  Together, we bring you deeper riches than can be imagined. 

Yes, you can take this time from Time and look away from all that is forced and illusory.  You can have the precious retreat of your own thoughts, your own mind.  You can be your inner mind, for it is there that you meet up with what is Real. 

Beloved, how close you and I are.  How deeply steeped in truth of being is this Moment that makes no noise nor seeks to be heard.  It holds the Feeling that makes all feelings of otherness disappear.  Come to your inner Garden and drink from its well, and be well.

How long you have thought it could not be.  How long you have thought you must only look on the disconnected world without.  Your private oneness was denied you in the attempt to play a social game.  But Life is otherwise, is it not?  You are the beloved, and you know now that I have never gone away.  I am breathing you; I am filling you; I am the very strength that keeps you upright and enlivens your impulse to give forth and to desire.  I am Life and you are alive within Me. 

Beloved, we are one.