Your Room

You have cried many tears in the pondering of your loss of Me.  I am ever ready to dry them and bring you back to the Nursery where the soft petals of kindness fill the room with their fragrance. It is Your room. It is where you live and breathe the awareness of being.  You remain in this gentle place and will never leave it; even while you dream of not being here.

There is only goodness that resides in you.  It is a goodness that gives life, and the desire to express it.  You are inspired from a Well of goodness that overflows with each moment of your being.  There is nothing to stop or prevent this inner activity that is the nature of yourself being expressed, because it is the nature of Reality.

I stand here where you stand.  I am that which you stand upon.  I am that which you have to give to yourself.  In the giving to yourself, you fill a world that becomes a World.

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