Tell Yourself

You are a full Circle, dear One. In your inner world, the world beyond the world of words, lives the gloriousness of new dawnings that erupt with each of your breaths.

Your every movement is a Morning.  A morning…only you…can bring to your world.  It is…as you…that the Infinite plays its Instrument of loving song.  It is…through you…that a Garden redolent with blossoms of such life-affirming magnificence unfolds, urged into being by a single sigh, a single intention, showing Simplicity’s wealth, free of the shadows of doubt and forgetting.

Need you tell of this to others?  No, no, only in the telling of this to yourself will the world you now journey in show it forth, for you are the Receiver and the Giver of the Light that emanates from your silent dialogue of what you are and, this, brings Life into view.  All, are the Receiver and the Giver.  None, is left out.  Be restful in this knowledge.  You have been made whole.  Nothing more need be done … but to be joyful.

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