When I Don’t Listen To The World

Little drops of laughter fill the petals of my flowers. They appear as bits of dew and let the morning shine all over as if the day’s beginning were a thing worth rejoicing in. I wander through the meadow of my yesterdays and wonder at the insanity I planted there.  Apparently I allow no end to the nonsense I can consider real.

And yet, nothing of my true self can be altered by my foolishnesses, nothing in me, nothing that is mine, is harmed by the mistakes I have allowed to be made by my idle and fruitless human mind. I must remind myself that the human mind I am thinking I’m thinking with, isn’t real. It is a pure invention in forgetting. Life, being creative even when I am silly, will take my notions and render them into my actions and experience, never contradicting me, until I finally see for myself.

I have discovered, to my utter relief and delight, that making a mistake is a reminder to Let Go. It is meant to bring the understanding that dissolves all belief in regret, remorse, and punishment … although the world I live in so believes in punishment. Letting go is the Blessing my self-awareness brings when I am quietly present in the moment not filled with all the things I’ve been told. The deep Quietness within me speaks to me of my unchanging innocence and when I listen carefully, in that place with no words, I hear it too.  And then I clearly see and hear the drops of laughter filling the petals of my flowers.  And I know they are my tears of rejoicing in what is true about me and will always be true about me, even while I live in this world that tells me otherwise.

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