Believe in secret

Go to the quiet place, dear One.  Go to the sweetest thought that mind can give and see that it is yours for all time, capable of filling all space.  It is yours, this beauty that keeps knocking at your heart saying, can you see me?  Can you believe how close I am and how dear you are to me?  We are one, dear One.  No thought of otherness separates us, even when you have thoughts of otherness. 

 I am what you want from life and what you want to be giving to life; your life, your canvas of celebration.  I am the Song in your heart that wants to be heard.  You want to hear it but you have been afraid to believe in its reality.  You have been afraid to believe in your reality in relation to it.

 The thing you want, the thing dearest to your heart has come to look to you like that thing of frivolous unimportance.  How the world around howls its view of what is important.  And you have come to be a bit confused and you have withdrawn into yourself but not into yourself enough.  You have gone into the shadow place and you have not found what makes worlds come alive.  You have been afraid to believe what you know–being so full of what the world believes.  But, you know what you want and you are asking for it–and in the asking it is becoming evident–even as you watch the world around you spew the same old meaninglessness.

The thing you want is not anything you can speak of to others.  It is the thing to tell yourself.  It is the truth that comes from the Self within that has waited to have you hear.  It waits with gentle hands resting on your brow, stroking away all the forgotten-ness that has become too real, too painful to endure.

 You want to believe in what you no longer feel. You have waited for someone else to help you feel.  But you need no one.  You need no one.  Nothing has gone away from you.  The Real is still real.  It is here, breathing its sweet breath, living from its brave heart and filling all space before you and all around you with confirmation of its Presence.  Believe in secret.  Believe your secret life and rest deeply on its strength and purpose for you.

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