The Candle We Left Behind

I will tell you today about a small unlit candle that I left behind in a hidden corner of a beautiful garden that I no longer visit.  It is a most magical garden that has gone into shadow for me as I’ve become distracted by the bright bugle sounds that fill my current world.

When I lived in that beautiful garden, the little candle glowed from within me, giving me its light, its warmth, and its guidance.  It resided right here in my heart, and I never knew darkness or confusion.

When I decided to go dream about that other world, I could not take the little candle with me, for in that other world, light is poised from without in a big lamp that sits in a sky that is often blue. Once in a while, that lamp goes away and the blue sky turns an ever deeper blue until it becomes black. When it is black it appears flecked with tiny specks that wink at me and seem to say unknowable things that stir my heart to memories I cannot remember. I call out to them but they are too far to hear.

“Too far,” isn’t that odd?  In my garden there was a Nearness that never faded.  Oh, what spell can I be under to think myself now in such a nonsensical world of gaps and measures?  What spell is this that has me often managing to be beguiled by this nonsense, while so many can never be sober enough to enjoy a world that seemingly captivates them, little realizing that they are missing a little candle that is patiently waiting to light their hearts once more.

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