The One I Meet

You have come to the Garden where you truly live.  I wait softly with the loving creatures who know your true heart and your desire to remember who you are.  Answers grow all about us.

In quiet moments like this one, where you and I meet in the midst of the images that float about you, is found the very Substance you seek.  Together, we bring you deeper riches than can be imagined. 

Yes, you can take this time from Time and look away from all that is forced and illusory.  You can have the precious retreat of your own thoughts, your own mind.  You can be your inner mind, for it is there that you meet up with what is Real. 

Beloved, how close you and I are.  How deeply steeped in truth of being is this Moment that makes no noise nor seeks to be heard.  It holds the Feeling that makes all feelings of otherness disappear.  Come to your inner Garden and drink from its well, and be well.

How long you have thought it could not be.  How long you have thought you must only look on the disconnected world without.  Your private oneness was denied you in the attempt to play a social game.  But Life is otherwise, is it not?  You are the beloved, and you know now that I have never gone away.  I am breathing you; I am filling you; I am the very strength that keeps you upright and enlivens your impulse to give forth and to desire.  I am Life and you are alive within Me. 

Beloved, we are one.

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