And The Gentle One Said…

Dearest One–

Come with me to the magic garden in your mind.  In your quiet mind you will find peace and all things worthy of contemplating.  I am the One you seek and I whisper tender Words that are more than words.  I whisper life itself, and it will fill you and expand you to vastnesses of beauty and joy that you can dream of and delight in and never lose.

Beloved one, in each moment, in each breath, I am with you.  I never look away.  My light never dims.  I am always at hand, supporting, under-girding, guiding, showing the clarity of the path ahead that you travel to discover ever more of who and what you are.  Your life is a precious self-discovery, one created to have you know Me and find fulfillment in simply being.

Yes, your life is a constant self-discovery.  Constant is the flow from within to fill your outer world with the song and dance of your uniqueness in Me.  Each moment, each moment, each moment, I am here.  There is nothing else but my Presence.  Feel it in yourself as you softly quiver to the Smile that I make within you to tell you of the joy I have in you being one who reveals I am here.

Believe only this, Beloved.

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