Said The Berry To The Clam

arlene-graston---silken-robeVery nice, said the berry to the clam.  Very nice, indeed.  There are tiny footprints all around the campfire on this warm November evening.  The moon is high and smiling, and the wind that has been heard but not felt, wakes up suddenly making the leaves from the far off trees fill the sky with silver stardust.

I am walking in this night and have no agenda of my own, though it could be said that a walk on a beach is a sufficient end in itself.  So, I am walking, my hands in my sweater pockets holding onto the key of my house and finding my way through the darkness thanks to the glow of the moon who is my beloved in my inner world.

My walk on the beach this night is filled with enchantment.  I go to the place I started from long ago when I came to dream in this place with beaches and berries and clams.  It is hazardous to come here, for the wind is fierce and takes pleasure in tearing away the possessions most dear to one’s deepest sense of self.  One comes here, it appears, to be challenged, to find and devise clever ways to fool the wicked wind that is so determined to make one part with the essence of one’s being.

This looks like a treacherous world, filled with clever imps in the guise of wicked evildoers.  Follow your heart and stay the course of your dreams IF YOU CAN, for plenty will be the devises used to take you off your course and draw you away from your intention.  I have come to understand that the real nuisance is the one within who is drawn to these distractions.  If one is intelligent one would listen only to the wisdom of the true moon that resides within one’s inner sky.  This is the truly wise one, always awake, ready to steady the self and draw the tides inwardly, and let the self remain safe from the misery brought on by enticements of a meaningless sort.

There is such a moon in me, an eternal light that guides and whispers.  It is the lovely portion of cool sun that is mine to rely upon while traveling in a dream that needs a strong lantern’s light to get through the shadows of a world in doubt.  With it, I am equipped for anything and can handle the moment-by-moment journey with a guidance that keeps me sure-footed.

My quiet moon-filled inner reality is my own sweet portion of Infinity and is created out of what I myself feel life to be and what I myself have been created to express.  Surely, with this understanding in mind it is not necessary to find agreement with others.  They do not see my moon’s light and the beauties that are revealed in its glow.  It also appears they do not see their own, but I know it is there.

I have been here before, I know that what I see is what I am and this is sufficient for my happiness. I am a candle existing for Life’s brilliance.  I am, that It may shine.

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