The Wind’s House

I sit in the middle of a world that looks full but is only a reflection of inner thoughts.  Mine, from where I sit.  Yours, from where you sit.

Arlene Graston - weblightI sit in the middle of the Wind’s house and the new becomes the newer and the bitter has gone from my mind and my heart.  The Snow that melts down from the higher realms is sustenance for my soul, and life’s blood for my veins.  All that the Universe is moves through me and animates me, and makes my life happen as if on purpose, but I know that I only dream this place I see as being all around me.

Yes, it is only a dream I dream, forming outer vistas from inner landscapes of polished floors holding dainty dancers that glide and do not believe they are making believe. They would have me join them in the making-believe but the Sun that was the day before has become the Moon of now, opening doorways cleared of cluttering fears.  I am fully alive, for I am Life.  And I tell myself the truth about illusion because my Realty, is Forever.

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