My Thanks Giving

There are countless little butterflies that live in my garden not far from the horizon of Heaven.  They peek over walls at the darkness they find there and they wonder at the unhappiness lurking outside the garden wall that surrounds this quiet still place.  I don’t fully understand either for, I, the Human, am often in darkness myself, even within my own lovely garden.

Nevertheless, there are hushed thoughts that run by the side of my mind.  I am grateful for them, for they promise cooler perception and respite from the torment I give myself in trying to figure things out.  Why spend time trying to figure things out, why bother, I hear it being whispered in these gentle ruminations.  Surely nothing matters, for the World is merely a seemingly convincing spell set upon my mind.  Nothing in it need be corrected by me and my small understanding.

So, it is to watch the butterflies that I go.  My mind will trace their beautiful fluttering wings and move to nothing more than that.  I will let the miracle of doing nothing create the day and fill the crevices of Time with goodness.  Miracles will appear as the flowers continuously unfold their gentle presence from soil to sun.  The buds on the trees will become blooms, the air will fill with birdsong.  And it is all done in fun.  Only that.

We all stand quietly together now in our rows of new growth honoring the blueness of the sky above where the twinkling lights appear dimmed at noon only to shine brightly at midnight.  Only when all the outer lights are turned off … can the Eternal Inner Light be known.

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