You Are Not Alone In This Life

Enter here where the light is holding a door open for you, dear one.  Enter into a room
with no view other than the one leading to your inner being.  There cannot be made dreams from closed doors.  There is only the possibility of fear to one whose heart beats merely for worldly success.  To make it happen will not make it happen.  To will it will not make it so.  Keep moving forward unconcerned for this or that and that or this.  Move forward and let the day unfold solutions to questions asked and results hoped for.  Be no other person but the one you are and let the day reveal the matter of the matter.  There is nothing to do but to be and be happy by simply being.

I try too hard, the clouds tell me.  I turn in upon myself and search for motives that cannot be found in simply moving forward without analysis.

Why do you attempt to learn from others?  Why do you need to make sure another knows?  There is no point to it.  There is nothing to get right.  Get on with the work, the work that is yours to do.  There is no other thing to do but fill the day with the activity of the thing intended.  Write and paint and shop and clean and share with friends the goodness from your heart.  Make nothing happen.  Life happens on its own, by itself, and the day dawns when greater serenity of spirit takes over the mind, for there is wisdom in hopes kept alive.

You never know when there will be a breakthrough of spirit.  Keep close to the idea that spirit is at hand, just as there is always light coming through your work.  Just as you do not know what light comes through your work and cannot deliberately make it happen, so too, do you not know how to make the world come to your door for what you have to give by being clever and smart and deliberate about what you give.  It comes quietly this thing you cannot see or predict or make happen.  You don’t know what fertile ground it will fall on.  It will reach its own through no effort or deliberate action or willfulness on your part.  But it will come, never fear.  It will come and in ways that you cannot, do not, need not, predict.

This is what is being said to you; do not choose a better place or time for the gentle seed to be planted.  Know that everything good you see in your work is with you in all ways, at all times.  Do not wait for the ”momentous moment” when you will be brilliant, more brilliant than you are now.  Proceed, move on, carry on, now, knowing that this thing inhabits you and seeks expression.  And let it be so, and be there with it unconcerned for the how, or the when, or the why, or anything that causes you to stiffen and force and doubt.

The thing you seek is ever with you, and you knew this once in quiet ways.  It is with you now, in you, as you, and for you.  The truth in your work is at hand in your life and in your very being.  Tender and true to itself and ever able to give forth, but it is not of your doing, not a bit of it.  Relax.  Take no hold for making it happen, understand that it cannot go away.  Nor can it be made to do what human will dictates.  It is not a beast of burden, nor are you.  You are the vessel for goodness ever creating out of the moment.  It will be ever thus.  See that this is true and be filled with hope and gladness that you are who you are.  The beauty you see in your work is in your very self and ever at hand but is not needing to be thrust here and there as you see fit.  It will land where it is heard and understood, where a garden of unearthly delights can grow and be managed by a soul filled with yearning and comprehension.  What you’ve wanted to be your mission is your mission but you have very little to do with it.  No management, no marketing strategy, is required of you, only knowing, trusting, in the thing you are and what you have to give.

So, every outing into the world is a good one for you take your inner sun with you.  It will shine on those who want its glow to remember their own.  Do not make it that which makes you important in your own eyes.

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