My Little House

There is a little stair in my home that reaches to the Stars.  I cannot see it with my eyes, and I don’t know it’s there until I stop looking at the world.  It leads to the house where I live in Eternity.   I visit it each night when the Human I am sleeps.  It is so good to be back among my little possessions that don’t possess me.  There, I am at peace and know a deep contentment, for all around me is the assurance of only Love and Acceptance.

It is the oddest thing to me that the Human that I am so ignores this part of us.  Nevertheless, it is the true nature of things in this Vastness with No Name.  It’s everywhere except, most of the time, in the Human that I am.  Such a forgetful creature is she.  I hope your Human is more awake.Arlene Graston

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