Give No Thought

You asked, and a swell of learning is unfolding for you in the gentlest way.  Gently, because you understand gentleness.  Your intrinsic nature is of the softness you always write about.  I speak of your True Nature, dear one; the one that breathes beyond the one you have come to think is yourself.  There is no need for you to go on believing in the artifice of time or of self.  It has caused you to weave yourself into a Being who isn’t meant to replace you, not even in a world of disbelief.

You have become afraid of yourself.  You feel confusion in all your ways.  You have been worried about the Anger and think you must control it lest it destroy you and all the tender wonders within you.  You have feared that it can take away your truth, that it can obliterate the very essence of your being and never let out the tranquil life of truth.  But the Thing Within is indestructible, it cannot ever be harmed.  Your Human emotions cannot separate you from peace; trying to control them can appear to.

Listen carefully, you are not the Human story.  In believing you are, you attempt to control a sense of self that is not who you are.  You have relinquished the real life by focusing too much on the external and trying to overcome it.  As you let go of doing this, as you slowly give the outer world less and less consideration by not concerning yourself with getting it right, the new, that is from Forever, will flourish.  Give no thought for the thing you have created out there.  On it no hat can hang, it is of nothing made and has no desire of its own to own you or limit you.  You are limitless.   Be this one.

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