Listen. Oh,Listen…

Come here within, where the air is light and filled with a sweetness you thought you’d never find again.

You have lost yourself in a dream of forgetting.  Remain by My side now as we enter your room, the one always waiting for you.  The one you never leave though you close your eyes and dream of faraway journeys that often cause you grief and worry.  But you are here with Me now.  We are one, you know.  Well, you do know.  You know and have the right to remember.  You can speak from the place of no words.  Try it, it is not forgotten in you.  You can do all the things that are true of life.  You can become what you have never stopped being.  You are the morning in a Sky that writes wonderful stories for the telling, and for the moment that wants to know itself.

You are not a body, dear one.  You have not acquired a separated self that needs coddling and reassuring.  You have never gone, can never go, where life does not exist … it is a cosmic impossibility.  It is funny that you think you can.  But then, you think many funny things, and they do not serve you well or bring you the happiness that it is your true nature to feel.

You like it here with Me, don’t you?  It is safe and warm with these things of the heart.  There are no rules or rulers here.  No climbing the stairs to see above the clouds.  You needn’t wait for the new to come; it unfolds to reveal what has always been, even if you’ve never seen that incarnation of it before.  It is playful this world that keeps changing coats and slippers to appear one thing and then another, and then all over again but differently.  You get caught up in the differentness and think it is somehow significant, but it isn’t, it’s always just us, you and Me, playing around, being what we are: creative.

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