When I Think Well Of Myself

Tiny rivulets from a sweet river form my Human heart, though I’ve been told this is not so. There is a place within me that holds pens and brushes and paints and inks for forming thoughts that can be seen and shared.  I am not alone when I go within and stay a while.  The serenity in my Heart lets me know that all is well and never will be otherwise.  This serenity is freedom, a place so joyful that it cannot be talked about only basked in and treasured as a sure place of refuge.

But, refuge from what?  There is none but goodness to be found.  Refuge, it would seem, from one’s own thoughts and attitudes and beliefs.  There is no life but the Self and the playful many, many little selves that are but one in Oneness.  There is no world to resist and hold at bay as if one could be entered into unbidden and depleted of stores and staples.  There is no world that can come and harm, save the thinker thinking harshly upon the self and ordering a hard day into existence.

Yes, within me is an Oasis that holds continents of possibilities and lands filled with breathtaking beauties and goodnesses.  Out of a seeming nothing is the something born. Out of sleep is the dream created.  I go within to find the gentle self and bring forth the new and entirely true.

The night is filled with Stars.  Come, let’s go stand among them.

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