The Love That Never Went Away

There is a still breeze that moves the curtain on the window of my mind.  It is a nearly imperceptible movement made by a breath so fine that it seems it has not happened.  A breath so quiet, so small, so slight, so … not there.   At least, not there, to my human perception as I live it now.

How lovely to know that there is Something extraordinary that passes beyond my gaze and I do not perceive it.  It permits the Kingdom of Heaven to exist while I look at a world in discord.  Do not show yourself to me, Gentlest Ruffle of Them All.  Do not draw my human eyes to see you.   You are so silent and so nearly not there that I allow myself to believe you don’t exist.

Yet, you do exist, and because you do, though I do not see you, you are a promise in my life, in my world, and I will find you, perhaps when I am not looking too carefully or seeking too hard.  Now, won’t that be a wonderful thing!

Oh, very, very Quiet Thing, how can I know you when I strain so.


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