Life Loves Me

I see a big moon in my sky this night.  I see a lovely rush of moonlight cover the Earth that outlines the mountains with a glow that makes them appear to be Christmas trees.  I see as far as Forever yet never leave the moment. 

I am standing on a small island in a sea of contentment.  I have a boat and the promise of a map that rewrites itself to the needs of the moment.  I have a Captain who never tires and knows the way through uncharted waters for he is the waters and the lands within them. 

I am surrounded by the beauty that I see within myself and the presence of the moreness that inhabits my Soul.  I am a soul — a quiet place to be where no adjustment to life is ever necessary; where all has already been done, and where the Sun is my own whisper of light and the Moon my glowing companion through the unknown but not unknowable.

There is nothing more to doubt, for the Wings that hold me aloft have not lost their power or the sun lost its give.  I am flexible in movement and sure-footed and free.  I am the wind and the sailor’s compass.  I am all of this and much, much more … for Life loves me.

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