What Dew Drops Tell

Unexpectedly kind thoughts coming from me become the morning dew upon the life around me. I am endewed in a sparkling world. This is the outer picture of my hidden self.

I need not say another audible word for the Silence clusters around me forming the Presence unknown in a world depending on the audible. I need no longer be preoccupied with the heavy empty boxes littering the supermarket shelves. Simple drops of purity fill me to overflowing and my heart shows its own sacred Light.

This Light is taking me to tiny stairs leading inward. I hadn‘t noticed them before but, somehow, I know they were always there. I no longer hear the jumbled sounds of troubled people although I was one myself just a moment ago. How powerful is this world of tiny droplets to my perception of things.

I hear a whisper from a part of me that I locked away to keep it safe. Listen, it is saying. Listen to inner rhythms that bring understanding. Listen well. Make nothing important save the soundless that ignites and inspires each action with harmony and beauty. You receive the gift of life flowing from within. You are the Infinite Light. You are the Being worth valuing in the world. You are the power of each moment and the offering of yourself to yourself reveals treasures never known before. Believe this humble truth.

You live from within out. Give no thought for externals. You possess pocketfuls of guidance and wondrous joy and faith in magic. You bring laughter to shower the sky with colors newly born each minute. You are loved, dear one, loved and adored, and waited upon by your Source.

Trust yourself.

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