What I Really Am

A jealous wind woke me this morning, carrying its bundle of sorrow. It comes from a world believing in unhappiness but, I, do not come from such a world. The wind is jealous of my higher knowing. It frequently glides over my dreams and stirs my heart to darkness, but I never stay there long.

There are Stars that dance like ribbons of light as they curl through the air that fills my room. I watch and I wonder at the Wonder. It is such beauty, this dance of Light filling an empty space with Joy. This Joy is the currency of Life. My life. All life. But a world in doubt cannot feel it. I must stand apart from this doubting and call forth what IS in the face of the sorrowful.

Each Star, it tells me, is more than a self-contained oneness. Each star is worlds within worlds and the whole of it never knows beginning or ending. It is what is from now and before and for always. For always, my friend. There has been no cessation, no interruption of this Joy. Even as the Sea moves its tides with no concern for what came before, nor for what will follow, each of its waves is unique, each an eternal moment.

It is good this, to relax into warm arms that hold one safe and calm one’s brow with soft tender kisses. The child I dream I am never grows old, never turns brittle and gnarled and feeling the loss of the suppleness of being. I, too, am a dancing Star making swirls of happiness in a world asleep and dreaming sorrow. Because I love, I will bring Joy to it by claiming this Joy that is what I really am. I will know what there is to Know.

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