The Piper from the Hills Above

A luminous River flows through my heart. It contains my life’s nourishment. On its banks I sit and listen to the Piper from the Hills Above. He comes to fill my cloudiest days with Light. In his music I hear the echoes of all the promises I forgot I made to myself before I fell asleep to my Soul.

I’ve been lonely in a mind that is not made from contentment. Enticing threads of many colors have unraveled me from myself. They are absorbing and intriguing in their brightness. In their company I find myself no longer mistress of my own wanting. I’ve gone far away from myself to engage in an outer reality that holds me in its thrall.

Why do I do this? I ask myself this question all day long and find no answer that satisfies. It is so odd to not be at peace with myself and I am not the only one in this dilemma. All about me everyone is being something other than what they really are. They’ve become what is … expected … or suffer for not doing so. We are all fitting into a separatedness that has us in its grips and our solution is to be unhappy about it all. Why do we do this?

There is another reason to be alive, the Piper’s music tells me; there is a joyful order of expression for me to stand within. In the Great Silence I am, I contain the Stars of the Infinite Magnitude of Heaven. They appear to be outside myself now only because I follow enticing threads of color not made by me. And I don’t need to be doing that.

I know I am not alone in being of this magnitude of Goodness or thinking it lost to me. That is why I am telling you about the Piper from the Hills Above.

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