Heavenly Hints

Soften your mind to know what is real. The One Life you do not see or hear and cannot touch, is fully present. Do not be loud. Do not continue to think and feel as you have come to think and feel―it isn’t telling you who you are.

The wisdom you need for living speaks only in hints. Be soft in order to sense this silent hinting. Your eternal origin speaks to you and brings guidance to the temporal human understanding. Invisible Spirit inspires right order. It inspires being free to create, to express, to give forth without constraint and condemnation of self. Soul is the sacred inner authority in the midst of conformity.

You no longer see yourself as free, but not seeing is nothing. Not hearing is nothing. These say nothing of loss. You cannot lose your substance and actuality. You are an infinite being and it is revealed in what appears simple and plain. You are the unchangeable nature of Self. You are this now and nothing has interfered. While in the dream you decided you must join the world and not go within, but go within. It is where the truth lives in you. That is all you need do to perceive a meaningful world. Only that: Listen to the source of Life.

All that this truth has ever required of you is a gentle softness of mind. This softness came with you into the dream. It waits for you to rest in it and see your life from its perspective. The tumultuous human world is created only from a point of view, not from the Source of being. You are standing on hallowed ground. That ground is silent and invisible and need only be acknowledged. Act from mere acknowledgement. The Infinite will fill your every movement.

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