What Higher Kindness?

There exists a quietness at the back of my world that has become a thing foreign to my educated mind. This invisible peacefulness courses all around me and when I listen carefully, I sense its source is within me.

It reveals itself to my awareness as a generosity of being. I am glad this is so, for I’ve been disheartened to keep finding in my cupboards goods that never fill my needs. I have forgotten what I contain within myself in the pursuit of joining a perception looking only outwardly. The silent presence of Goodness tells me who I am as it softens the accrued doubts and fears I have come to believe in.

It isn’t nice to doubt one’s own worth, and it is an odd thing to do. I brought this discord upon myself by a daily practice of not expressing my internal truth. This passivity chipped away at my identity and left me dis-empowered and unknowing of my spirit. To rectify this I must forgive this error in perception and release judgment of each “mistake” it caused. I have to cease condemning myself for falling asleep to the Subtle.

To fall asleep to Life and to ask to awaken in the midst of dreaming is the gift to one’s lost self of one’s true Nature. It is the call heard by Life and will be honored with fulfillment. It is the way out of the human dilemma: the belief in guilt and death.

What higher kindness can I do for myself? To perceive the “flypaper” that is mental error and to say, “please, no more loss,” is to be born rightly at last. Space/Time will return to the nothing it is and all that “took place” there will be dissolved and resolved forevermore.

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