Two Worlds, One Love

Secretly, I empower myself from an invisible-feeling world―the one that appears to have been replaced by objectified imaginings filling an empty space.

I’ve come to see a world of solid matter even though I have remained within the reality of the I Am. There are Seeds for living embedded in rivulets of knowledge that course through my Body that is not the body I see from the ordinary day’s perspective. Within me abides an Oasis that holds continents of possibilities―lands filled with the Beauty found only in the quietest contemplation.

These unearthly Wonders emit sounds that can be discerned only when one listens with luminous faith: Out of nothing is the something made, is heard there. Out of serene wakefulness is the true reality created. And yet while dreaming of matter, I hold pens and brushes and paints and inks for forming thoughts that can be given and shared. Illusion can be delightful and … innocent.

Nevertheless, I find a consistently better world when I have gone within the great silence and stayed awhile drinking deeply of the stillness I find there. In this peaceful place, my heart and I are told that all is well and never can be otherwise. The stillness is freedom, a place so joyful that it cannot be talked about but merely basked in and treasured as a sure place of refuge from that dream of illusion―no matter how lovely it can be at times.

Need there be refuge since there is none but Life’s own goodness? Refuge only, from my own thoughts and attitudes that take me away from the infinite Self at play.

I am choosing to remember who I am in this dream with its odd thoughts and attitudes embodying me. One day, I will again perceive the single reality as one world. Until then I will be patient with myself. After all, I’m the one dreaming the misperception, even in my innocence. I need to love myself to know what is real. Only self-doubts show me a world in pain.

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