The Trees and I

I am meant to see Serenity. Too focused on the outer form of things, I plant myself in a body and think the trees, too, are mute from rootedness―I no longer hear and see a truthful life. In this manner I perceive a presence in my world of things foreign to me and unwanted. In this manner I forget I am a giving, an expression of the Life unseen. My early years were spent becoming human. What a bad habit of thought that brought. And yet, there are quiet moments when there appears a happy tune within me. On days of rest, a Timelessness peeks through the illusion of past and future and I am lifted from my disharmony:

I want to be heard, Timelessness says in that subtle way it has. Let Me be the truth you know. In knowing nothing of time, eternity will show itself all around you, transporting you and all who join with you to the viewing of a very uncomplicated life.

Soft as a whisper and playful with its touch of sun and moonbeams, solace is the haven kept safely within you while you tramp a world to seek what is missing. To rely on your inner life, where goodness originates, is to fill your outer world with treasures that show completeness. Where quietude is found, you find yourself. You are more than a fleeting idea doomed to disappear one day. You, who know better, have come to lose sight of what lasts and reveals the immense varieties of experience available to You and your beloved Timeless Trees.

Desire no more wisdom than this. This knowledge brings a sufficiency of aliveness to fill infinity. Intimate is the Source that animates all things. Humble is the majesty of being. Not as the world perceives, is Reality.

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