Have You Glimpsed The Secret That Is Daylight?

I AM the expression of the Infinite.

Yet while I believe myself to be human, I perceive externally what is within me: I think I see a faraway sun in a faraway sky illuminate my world. I wish upon a star that glitters in a deep darkness as I stand in a walled room by a hearth whose dancing firelight is what I use for warmth and reassurance. And as the seasons unfold the harvest of the seeds I sow, I find my nourishment.

I live with symbols now. I, too, have become a symbol as I stand on two little feet. So when I want to tell myself the truth of my being, I need to use words to find my higher feeling Self. The invisible of me is now the sensual in this amazing enthrallment. Reality has become an outer world filled with forms and functions and I have had to acquire patience and an ability to wait, for I believe now in a thing called … time.

How odd. But still I am happy for I know that what is true has never left me, it merely appears in disguises. There are many good and kind disguises within this temporal masquerade which, nevertheless, is made from the essence of what is real and everlasting. Love, its higher name, is the One Face within all the faces I see about me.

Yet, I keep asking myself: Why do I dream this dream of pretending to be only human? Though I willingly engaged with it knowing its peculiar ways, I am puzzled by a world that dons disguises and makes me wear one too. What draws me to such a place? What in me has the ability to forget what is true?

And so, I write. I borrow from the world of words to find answers meaningful to me; I write to hear myself. I once knew that I contained answers. So I write to hear something other than the world’s “wisdom.”

I write to take myself to deeper knowing and have it bring me true perception. When I am being the human on two legs and full of conviction of what is not true, my world is not a meaningful one. When I write and listen carefully, I begin to see what a sun in a sky really signifies. When I write and listen carefully, I hear peace ringing through the world events that a moment ago chilled my heart.

This being the case, how much of the outer world is it my “duty” to give attention to? Who does it serve to be so focused there? Why should I make my life what has been brought forth by a perception unconscious and unwise? Am I not Imagination, an empowered co-creator of Worlds; isn’t that my function? I possess depth of being. I possess wholeness. Am I not the means of the Infinite Source to reveal, to express Love and Goodness?

And do I not have sure knowledge of all this that I am? I must think plainly while in this human drama. I must consciously choose to acknowledge the Light that dissolves the darkness. I must express what is true and make it my only reality.

Simply, I must know who I am and keep telling myself. It is for this I came, for the darkness waits for the dawn of truth to break the spell it is under. It is only illusion that fools me into thinking the infinite Light is a ball of fire I see far away.

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